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VIBE’S IMPACT GROWS IN OKLAHOMA: Whataburger's 1000th Restaurant Debuts as VIBE's Second Triumph in Yukon

On January 16th, the Vibe Tribe excitedly celebrated the much-anticipated launch of their second Whataburger—an entirely new establishment that marks the Whataburger brand's achievement of reaching one thousand units! The 1000th restaurant is a Vibe restaurant!

The grand unveiling of the fresh Yukon Whataburger was a festive occasion attended by Whataburger and Vibe executives, along with the enthusiastic and welcoming Yukon, OK community. To commemorate the opening, Whataburger generously donated $100,000 to 10 food banks, offered rewards and prizes during the Grand Opening celebration, and randomly awarded 1,000 members of its mobile app rewards program with 1,000 points for future orders. Additionally, employees had the chance to win $1,000 through the company’s employee app, known as Whatalife.

Whataburger’s 1000th unit features a small PT 22 design, carefully planned to seamlessly integrate into the chosen location within the heart of the community. This launch has created over 100 jobs in the Yukon area, significantly impacting the lives of the team members who now have the opportunity to explore career paths with Whataburger.

“We enjoy smiling at the community, and have the community smiling back. When we invite our guests into Whataburger, we ensure that all of our team says ‘Welcome to your Whataburger’, because we really want the community to know that we've built this restaurant on pride, care and love, as well as teaching our teams to act like owners as our founders would want us to do.

We enjoy being in the Yukon community and we look forward to having a great, great venture with them as we continue to grow in the future both in the area and across the country.”

–Charla Saberi-Nikou, VP of Operations for Whataburger Vibe Restaurants

Vibe’s engagement with the community commenced several days before the grand opening. During the hiring process, the team established the initial connection with a special group of individuals who chose to embrace the Human Vibe and become part of the family. On January 13th, the team organized a Golden Ticket event, formally extending invitations to the ribbon-cutting ceremony to all guests.

Whataburger’s expansion shows no signs of slowing down, and Vibe is equally committed to continuous growth and making an IMPACT. We eagerly anticipate upcoming openings in the near future!

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