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CEO Irfaan Lalani is making an impact on young future leaders

Vibe’s CEO, Irfaan Lalani, recently had the pleasure of sharing his journey in an extraordinary way. Addressing a rather attentive audience of sixty 1st to 3rd graders and sharing the stage with numerous professionals who excelled in their respective fields, Irfaan Lalani managed to engage with the children's curiosity and respond to their insightful questions. His efforts earned recognition from the most important evaluator in the gathering: his young daughter. She proudly praised and applauded her father’s speech during Westwood School's Career Day.

Vibe's primary objective since its inception has been to make a positive impact on people, emphasizing that they are more than just a number. Irfaan Lalani left a lasting impression on both young minds and experienced educators by sharing this essential work philosophy early on with the children who will one day enter the workforce as teenagers and adults. Prioritizing individual happiness and needs, while providing opportunities to experience trust, support, growth, and respect in the workplace, is the right approach for employees to collaborate effectively with franchisors and contribute to the business's growth.

The students listened attentively as Mr. Lalani shared fun and interesting facts about franchising and Vibe’s three brands: Little Caesars, Wingstop, and Whataburger. They realized that entrepreneurship isn’t solely about numbers and spreadsheets; it's about passion, empathy, and making a positive impact.

This fulfilling experience was shared by the entire Vibe Team, particularly its executive members, who found speaking to students to be an enriching experience they would definitely pursue again in the near future.

Let’s continue to spread the Good Vibes!

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