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The Human Vibe Spreads in Bossier City: A Testimonial

Vibe’s identity and work philosophy revolve around two crucial points: humanity and connection. Our human-centered approach to the QSR scene has allowed us to identify individuals who align with our Core Values. They not only perform with great responsibility but also with enthusiasm and motivation. In turn, we provide them with resources and personal and professional support, considering them part of our family. The rapport and connection that followed this mutual commitment were only natural.

We're proud to showcase a beautiful example of the humanity and connection that make Vibe a company unlike any other. This is a testimonial from a guest aided by Hellan, a manager from our Bossier City Little Caesars unit, who just proved how powerful and far-reaching our human Vibe can be.

“I'm not sure where to start with this, but I am hoping this request finds the way to the correct person who needs to see this. I want to inform you about an individual who you have employed. Today, January 20th, I walked into this location and wanted to place an order for 10 pizzas. I had heard of the critical need one of our local homeless shelters was facing following a major storm in North Louisiana. I am a news anchor for a local CBS affiliate in town and have covered the need the city was facing. The South doesn't deal with snow, so when a winter storm hit the area, it put all of our local homeless shelters in a bad position. The storm took out the city for 4 days, and shelters were maxed out everywhere. Temps dipping into single digits, those out would potentially die from hypothermia. A manager named Hellan heard about me purchasing pizzas for our shelters and when I would need them. I purchased 10 pizzas to help with dinner tonight. Hellan didn't need more than 2 seconds to tell me that she would help. I didn't know what she would help with, but when I arrived to pick up my order, they had doubled my order and had picked up the tab, with their store manager Jackie. I wanted to let you know that you have employed an individual who had an immediate instinct to help. Not even knowing what she could possibly do, it brought me to tears knowing she was quick to serve her community. Little Caesars will forever have a place in my heart, especially this specific location because of Hellan. She is a true example of an individual who has a heart for her community. I just think you should know what a woman who works at this location is capable of. I don't know what type of bind this put her in, because this location is always busy, but her heart was and is gold. Thank you, Little Caesars, for hiring an amazing woman who didn't blink to help others who are vulnerable. I hope you see what her leadership capabilities are and will be for this city.”

We want to express our gratitude and pride for Hellan. In this action, she embodied all the attributes we value in our team members and helped improve the dire circumstances of many vulnerable people. We wear her actions as a badge of honor and, with refreshed conviction, renew our commitment to the communities that have welcomed us. Our Human Vibe keeps making an impact!

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